O r l i k   A e r o b a t i c   t e a m

This team was formed at Air Force Officers` College Commanding Officer order on 1-st January 1998. In March 1998 pilots started flying training and they were ready to present their performance on 15-th April 1998. The first public display took place at Fairford during the Air Tattoo and the performance was recognized by the spectators in enthusiastic way.
The name "Orlik" comes (like in the "Iskry" case) from the name of the aircraft PZL-130 Orlik used in the regiment and the team as well.
Between 1998 and 2000 both "Iskry" and "Orlik" teams were based at Radom-Sadkow. After the "Iskry" team reorganization the "Orlik" continues the Radom's aerobatic tradition.
During the Air Show `98 at Deblin pilots from both the team and the 60-th Regiment presented 21 aircraft formation flying in the number 80 shape tight formation.
The team members are volunteers and they represent the 2-nd Basic Flying Training Centre from Radom.
All pilots fly together from the beginning but the team had three different events coordinators. The first one was Lt.Col Ireneusz Fibinger who was replaced in the next year by Lt.Col. Zbigniew Blechacz (former "Iskry" team commander). At the moment the team's event coordinator is Col. Marek Bylinka (2-nd Training Centre Commander).
Last two years are very successful. In 1999 "Orlik" team participated in air shows in Slovakia and Lithuania, where it has been awarded the best aerobatic team. Moreover the team displayed at Fairford once again.
The team success made big impression on the Polish Air Force Commander who has awarded team members with "Ikar" statue.
In the year 2000 team was invited to two most important events which took place at Dijon (International Aerobatic Teams Fly-in) and in Biggin Hill (The Battle of Britain 50-th anniversary air show). After the display at Biggin Hill team was invited by the British authorities to perform at Plymouth.
The '2001 season "Orlik" has begun with increasing the team members number from 5 to 7. Unfortunately it became clear that the slot - Lt.Col. Andrzej Sowa, due to his health problems, will not be able to perform during this season and the rest of the team have to look for another one pilot. Finally he was replaced by Lieutenant Dariusz Stachurski. The two new pilots, outer wingmen, were chosen because of their skills and abilities to perform team aerobatic.
From `2003 season the "Orlik" team was enlarged to 9 ship diamond formation. The team members were then:

Leader Maj. Janusz Borkowski
Right wing Capt. Zbigniew Kosterna
Left wing Capt. Artur Bielas
Slot Lt. Dariusz Stachurski
Right wing Lt. Slawomir Chojnacki
Left wing Capt. Piotr Jablonski
Right wing Capt. Olgierd Szerksznis
Left wing Lt. Krzysztof Kidacki
Solo display Capt. Dariusz Stanczyk

In 2003 the team also changed its formation display. The whole new display was showed in Poland (Goraszka, Radom, Katowice, Leszno, Lubin) as well as abroad (Twente, Ewreaux, Kojksijde).
From 2004 Lt.Col. Andrzej Sowa returned to the team but unfortunately team lost its leader. Major Janusz Borkowski was posted to Polish Air Force Headquarter so the team members had to look for another No.1. They chose Lt. Dariusz Stachurski for that position and together with the spring to come, they started to to fly rehersal. After several flights the team commander decided that they are ready to perform. Team performed 4 times that year and the last display (at Brno in Czech Republic) was awarded with "Best team display" prize.
Together with members change the whole display was changed again. The new programme consist of goose, arrow, delta, classicque diamond 9 and other formations. Moreover team has prepared two display variants for "good" or "bad" weather. The leader choose which variant will be flown at the show site. The whole show lasts about 20 minutes.